The 2014 Community Press Pass winners are…

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There were so many great entries for this years Community Press Pass Competition that we have decided to expand our media team to three instead of two. The three lucky applicants who will be joining us in Dublin this November are….


Neil Studd, Kim Knup & Nick Shaw



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Blogger – Neil Studd

Neil is an active member of TEST Huddle and we are looking forward to seeing him play an active role at the EuroSTAR conference. His expertise in testing, combined with his degree in journalism, will make him a valuable member of our media team.

What can I expect from Neil?

Neil will be our your eyes and ears at the conference. He will be writing up blog posts about the various sessions he will be attending throughout the conference so make sure you tune into the TEST Huddle Blog for feedback on these amazing testing sessions.


Profile picture of KimBlogger – Kim Knup

Kim is a regular at our software testing webinars and does an excellent job at blogging about the content discussed. She is also a frequent attendee at local testing meetups in order to brush up on her skills.

What can I expect from Kim?

Kim will be running a constant live feed throughout the conference.  She will be the TEST Huddle’s community correspondent for the duration of the event with updates on all the presentations, workshops and other events happening at EuroSTAR this year.  This thread will be launched over the coming weeks on the TEST Huddle Forum.


Profile picture of NicholasVideo Blogger – Nicholas Shaw

Nicholas (or ‘Nick’ as he prefers to be called) is relatively new to the software testing game but has shown a strong flair for learning. We hope that EuroSTAR 2014 will help Nick in his testing career.

What can I expect from Nick?

Nick will be our onsite video reporter. He will conduct numerous interviews with delegates and speakers throughout the week in order to get a feel for how the conference is going for them. Stay tuned to the TEST Huddle blog where he will reflect on everything he learned each day.

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