Testing News of The Week: 6th – 13th February 2015

Welcome to this week’s testing Quotes of the Week and software testing news. A survey of the embedded software industry, Northbit strikes deal with HP, bug in Malwarebytes and more.


What is happening in the embedded software testing industry?

Some surprising results came in terms of respondents’ familiarity with the term “technical debt.” About 45% responded that they were “very unfamiliar” with the term (which represents latent defects introduced during system architecture, system design, or system development)

A new report from Vector software reveals a number of interesting results. Vector commissioned a survey of testers to look at the role of embedded software testing and where it is going in the future. Read More here



Translate and Localisation Company Expands its Testing FacilitiesWelocalize

Welocalize has announced that it is expanding its testing facilities in Portland. The company employs localisation testers to fulfill software and product localisation testing projects. Read More here




Northbit Strikes Deal with HP for the App Testing Market

We worked with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise in the past on another interesting product, where NorthBit placed the emphasis above and beyond the research to deliver a complete solution to the customer

Gil Dabah, CEO of NorthBit explains how the deal with HP came about for NorthBit. The company will work with HP on a number of their products. NorthBit supplies automated software for mobile app testing.  Read More here



An urgent need for New Automated Techniques Jurgen Vinju

That software systems are often so large and complicated is an almost inevitable effect of creating software

In his inaugural speech at Eindhoven University of technology, part-time professor of Automated Software Testing and CWI group leader Jurgen Vinju explained why he believes that there is a major need for improved automated techniques when building software. He advocates for investment in source code and system analysis, in addition to relatively easy existing software-based innovations. Read More here



Another Election software Bug

When the machine saw a splatter, it interpreted it as a problem, so it rejected the ballot

Mike Santos of international certifier SLI Global Solutions explains why there was an error in the automated voting system in the Philippines. The bug could cause up to 1 million of the possible 50 million votes to be rejected by the machine. Read More here



 Google Project Zero Expose Malwarebytes VulnerabilityMalwarebytes

Malwarebytes fetches their signature updates over HTTP, permitting a man in the middle attack. The protocol involves downloading YAML files over HTTP for each update from http://data-cdn.mbamupdates.com. Although the YAML files include an MD5 checksum, as it’s served over HTTP and not signed, an attacker can simply replace it.”

Tavis Ormandy, a security researcher for the Google Zero programme explain the issue that allows a hacker to potentially use Malwarebytes to attack a machine. The issue was reported to Malwarebytes last November but the company is only addressing it now.  Read More here

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