On This Day in Technology History: February 10th

Some of the major technology and computer events that happened on this day in history. The first edition of Adobe Photoshop is released and linux is discussed by it’s founder.


1990 –  First Edition of Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop

In the United States, Adobe releases version 1.0 of Photoshop. The software is released for the Macintosh operating system. PhotoShop was developed by Thomas Knowll, a PhD student at the University of Michigan. He was further encouraged by his brother who was an employee at Industrial Light & Magic to develop the application into a full-featured image editor.  It was first licensed  in 1988 under the working title “ImagePro”. Today Photoshop is the most popular professional image editor.






1992  – An Argument about kernelsAndyTanenbaum

Demonstrating the power of the bulletin board, the thread titled  “LINUX is obsolete” at comp.os.minix is closed by Bill Mitchell. The thread ran for seventy-three posts and involved a heated discussion between Minixcreator Andy Tanenbaum and Linux creator Linus Torvalds regarding kernel architecture after Andy Tanenbaum  wrote an article titled “LINUX is obsolete”. In the end of the thread Bill Mitchell argues that microkernels are superior to monolithic kernels and that, by extension, Linux is obsolete. Linux is still in active use.

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