Software Testing News: Tech And Testing News 29th September – 14th October 2017

It is the latest publication of the Huddle Testing and QA news, we look at some of the tech and testing news that have dominated headlines in the past fortnight. This edition features testing of self-driving cars, the App Gap and lots more.


Bug in Self-Driving Cars

Software problems accounted for nearly 15 per cent of US car recalls in 2015, up from less than five per cent in 2011

A piece on the prevalence of software in modern vehicles and how that has affected the manufacture of cars. Read More here


‘App Gap’ Between User Experience and Software Testing

Our survey reveals a clear ‘app gap’ between the user experience and the capabilities of software testing platforms resulting in 40% of apps being released without testing

A survey from Testplant on the “App Gap” the distance between user experience and the capabilities of the software testing platforms. The survey found up to 40% of apps are being released without any quality analysis. Read More here


Survey of the Software Testing Industry

21% growth in the global Mobile Application Solution Testing Market

Another survey of software testers. This one based on UK testers and conducted by Tech Testers. It asks some interesting questions and has some very interesting results too, Read More here


From Encrypted to Plain Text

Unlike other cases we kind of stumbled upon the first indications of this vulnerability by pure coincidence (we did not search for Outlook vulnerabilities). We knew something was seriously wrong when we noticed that the contents of S/MIME encrypted mails were shown in Outlook Web Access

A bug that caught Microsoft off guard this week. Users using Microsoft Outlook to encrypt emails found out this week that the emails could be read in plain text. If a network connection was intercepted the encrypted message ould be read.  Microsoft claimed that the bug was unlikely to be exploited in the wild.  Read More here


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