Software Testing News – Latest Software Testing News 3rd March-17th March

Welcome to the latest software testing news. This week’s stories include warnings about GDPR, automated testing challenges, Microsoft’s new bug bounty programme and more.

Test Manager at BBC Warns About GDPR BBC Software

“For us testers at the BBC, it’s all about working with our suppliers, from the inception to the delivery of projects. We collaborate closely on our projects, often hosting the development teams”.

The test manager, Billy Watson, shares how his testing team are preparing themselves for GDPR which will be implemented in May.

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Ranorex Survey Finds a Number of Automated Testing ChallengesRanorex

“The majority of teams had only 1-2 users performing automated testing, with the next largest group of respondents having only 3-4 users on their team”.

A recent survey conducted by Ranorex found a number of interesting results. The survey also found that there was a number of testing challenges in automation.


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Infostretch Announced a New Software Testing Suiteinfostretch logo

“Agile methodologies and DevOps processes have helped speed up release cycles, but complexity in the test environment is growing at such a rate, software teams are struggling to keep up”.

The CEO and founder of Infostretch has announced the company’s new software testing suite. The software called ASTUTE has machine learning capabilities and is powered by artificial intelligence.



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Microsoft Announces a New Bug Bounty Programmemicrosoft

“This bounty program is intended as a way to foster that research and the coordinated disclosure of vulnerabilities related to these issues.”

The Group Manager at Microsoft’s Security Response Center is worried about the speculative execution and is offering up to $250,000 for anyone who finds the bugs.


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