Software Testing News: 4th – 11th June 2016

Welcome to our weekly software testing Quotes of the Week and testing news where we bring you all the latest headlines related to software testing. This week, Virtual ATM for Testing, Eastern Europe Outsourcing Review, Software the new bullet and more.


QATestLab Sponsors “CEE QA Outsourcing Review 2015-16″

We have a clear understanding that QA outsourcing services market is increasingly growing today and the CEE region holds leading positions in QA development growth rate

QA TestLab have just announced that the company  has announced sponsorship of new research “CEE QA Outsourcing Review 2015-16”. This research examines the current state of application quality and testing practices across countries in the CEE region. The study will be undertaken by Ukrainian HI-TECH Initiative. Read More here


IntelliCorp announce LiveCompare 3.5.0

“LiveCompare will show you if project test scripts have been changed or not and will ask if you want to update the repository test scripts,”

Chris Trueman, CTO at IntelliCorp explains how the their new LiveCompare software will work and how it will integrate with HPE ALM. Read More here


Paragon announce virtual ATMParagon ATM

ATM systems have grown too complex and change far too quickly for any organization to jeopardize deployment without frequent, end-to-end testing. VirtualATM meets this need for a powerful, next generation, automated testing strategy that quickly, effectively and repeatedly tests an unprecedented number of scenarios

Jim Perry CEO of Paragon explains why the company has developed a virtual ATM for security testing in the financial sector.  The software will be used by the company for its clients. Read More here


Software Is the New Bullet

A recent report in the New York Times on how software and in particular software defects and software bugs are the new weapon for the increasingly realistic virtual terrorism. Read More here


Lexus bug Angers CustomersLexus logo

Many of our owner’s vehicle head units stopped working. We are working around the clock to find a solution.

A recent statement by Lexus on the software bug that disabled nagigation systems in its car. The over-the-air update to its software seems to have caused the problem with a solution expected soon.  Read More here


The Rise of the “Super-Hunter”

The elite group of hunters deploy various techniques, looking for niches, such as finding and exposing vulnerabilities in staging or development servers or forgotten servers that clearly should be de-commissioned

A recent article on the rise of the super-hunter. With the rise of bug-bounty programmes it seems that the effect of this is leading to a cohort of well paid professional bug hunters. These hunters use various tactics to find malicious or dangerous bugs for large rewards. Read More here



Images: Paragon Edge, Lexus

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