Software Testing News: 21st – 28th May 2016

Welcome to our weekly software testing Quotes of the Week and testing news where we bring you all the latest headlines related to software testing.  This week, the Norton Anti-Virus Security Flaw, Apple fly’s two engineers across U.S. to find bug, iTrinegy and Tricentis partnership and more.


Apple’s Bug Update Bricks Devices

Apple has recently released an update to fix a bug that affected calls made via Bluetooth on their devices. However the bug fix inadvertnatly caused devices to “brick” and were make unusable by customers. Many weren’t happy.  Read More here


Norton’s Security Flaw

What one security journalist thinks about the story that broke last week that a security flaw in Norton’s Anti-Virus could expose users machines very easily to hackers. The bug is a result of a buffer overload, similar to the Heartbleed bug that was widespread last year. Read More here


Software Bug Could Affect Results of Study on Heart Disease Risk

A software bug in software that is used by doctors in the U.K. to assess patients for the potential risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) could have affected thousands of results. The software, TPP’s QRISK2 Calculator software developed by Leeds-based TTP (The Phoenix Partnership, measures clinical history, blood pressure, cholesterol ratio and other factors to assess patients risk. IT’s believed that the bug could have caused an overestimation of the risks for some patients.

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Apple’s Sends Two Engineers to Investigate Software BugApple

An iTunes bug that has been reported in the media since last week has caused a number of headaches for Apple. The company were unable to re-produce the bug so sent two of it’s engineers from California to Atlanta to a user’s home and tried to re-produce the bug there without success. Both the person who reported the bug,

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Testing Company Recruits First Nation People

We want to make sure that First Nations have all the opportunities that they need to be able to gain the skills, education and training that they need for the workforce here in the province

Professional Aboriginal Testing Organization CEO Keith McIntosh explains why the Candian company has created an aim of recruiting staff from the First Nations tribes. The company aims to create up to 150 new jobs in the area. Read More here


iTrinegy and Tricentis Announce Partner Up

Continuous Testing under real-world network conditions is critical for any mobile app developer. It was only natural for Tricentis and iTrinegy to strategically collaborate in order to provide our joint customers with the best and most advanced testing solutions on the market.

Gerd Weishaar, VP of Product Management, Tricentis explains why the company have developed a new partnership with iTrinegy. Both companies aim to use the partnership to provide joint market solution for organisations to test mobile app behaviour over “real-world” networks during the development & deployment lifecycle.  Read More here


Images: Apple Inc

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