Blogspy 148: Our Round-up of the best software testing blog posts from the blogosphere

Welcome to this week’s Blog Spy. This week’s best of the internet discussions on testing include flaky tests at Google, behaviour driven tests, are sprints bad for you? and more


How Should You Name Your Test Methods – Tarun Kumar

Tarun suggests a method for naming your test methods when writing on WebDriver

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Why are we sprinting? – Augusto Evangelisti

Are sprints dangerous and unnecessary? Augusto rounds-up a discussion thread he had going on the subject.

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The Golden Age of x86 Gaming –  Jeff Atwood

Jeff takes a detailed look at the x86 gaming machines and compares consoles to what else is on the market out there and that you shouldnt limit yourself to consoles for your gaming experience.

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Advanced Behaviours Design Pattern in Automated Testing Part 1 – Anton Angelov

Anton guides the reader through designing better behaviour driven test as part of his Automated Testing Series.

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Building A Team’s Testing Skills – Sanjay Zalavadia

Sanjay writes on the problems facing a team with the number of testers are limited. Here he gives an overview of how best to build a team’s skill level.

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Inside the Mind of a Hacker: Attacking the Shell  – Paul Ionescu

In a entry to his blog series, Paul discusses the OS Command Injection and how dangerous it can be for both individuals and company’s alike.

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Flaky Tests at Google and How We Mitigate Them – John Micco

John explains how the development team at Google deals with the 1.5% of its tests that return flaky results and what strategy the team employees to manage those tests.

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Lessons Learned In Automated Performance Testing, Part1 – Bart Withaar

In a detailed blog post, Bart gives an insight as to how his company  implemented performance testing and the lessons learned from it.

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Cross The Tech Bridge: A Functional Approach To Testing Infrastructure – Anette Valaker

Annette describes the challenge she took up in the job role offer of testing the build of a new platform for the customer of an operations manager company.

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