Software Testing News: 17th – 24th December 2016

Welcome to our weekly software testing news and Quotes of the Week from the world of software testing. This week Ubuntu bug, iOS 10 issues, Google testing Cryptographic software and more.



Google Testing Cryptographic software libraries for Bugsmount-Wycheproof

It is a set of security tools which enables developers to check cryptographic software libraries using a collection of unit tests — a prominent method used by software engineers to fix and prevent bugs

Project Wycheproof described. The new project by Google is a tool that allows users to compare their libraries againist known attacks. The project was developed by security researchers Daniel Bleichenbacher and Thai Duong. Read More about Project Wycheproof here


Software Bug Breaks Hardware

The consequence of this presumed OS bug (feature?) was that the disk drive would keep looking and looking and looking and never take a break.”

Bill Schweber reports on a software problem with his netbook that meant the end of the road for the 10 year old computer but it offered some takeaways on trying to troubleshoot a PC problem. Read More here


iOS 10.2 Problems Hit UsersApple logo

Moreover some users are reporting iOS 10.2 makes the problem even worse on their devices.

Gordon Kelly reports on the the problems faced by Apple with the latest version of its iOS that has not fixed a number of pre-existing bugs. Instead the already existing bugs continue to appear for users. Read More about iOS bugs here


Ubuntu Bug Fixed

This security hole, which first appeared in Ubuntu 12.10, makes it possible for malicious code to be injected into your system when you open a booby-trapped file.

Users of Ubuntu desktop should note that there is a bug that can have serious consequences for users. The bug would allow malicious code to infect your system if you opened certain files. Ubuntu have issued a patch for the bug recently. Read More here


Google Pixel Phone Experiences Software IssuesGoogle-logo

“Google immediately issued him a replacement, and not once, but three times. His fourth Pixel XL as well as his wife’s Pixel are both still suffering from the same issue.”

An early adopter of the Google Pixel phone, Mark Buckman, has had his phone replaced a number of times due to issues with audio quality. The problems are believed to be software related. An unofficial fix has been posted but Google have yet to acknowledge the issue. Read More about the Pixel Audio issues here



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