Share Your Resolution List to Inspire & Win

Oh, 2018… You were one fantastic year for sure. So many memories made, so many Huddle friendships created. It’s hard to believe you are over. But for many testers , the year 2019 couldn’t come any sooner, as this is a time to make new beginnings, new resolution lists. In a way it sort of is like a a start lane or reset button to make new goals and stick to it.


Where did the New Year Resolution come from? It originated very long time ago from the ancient Roman religion and myth. Janus, the God of Beginnings, Transitions and Endings, had 2 faces and was able to look in the past and the future. The Romans began each year by making promises to end debts and start fresh.

Until today, we believe that making New Year’s resolutions can help us motivate ourselves and reach personal goals. And for that reason the EuroSTAR team wants to continue helping people motivate themselves and reach those goals and so we have created the NEW YEAR NEW YOU competition.

Are you planning to become a Test Manager?  Perhaps you wish to improve your skills in Automation, Mobile testing or A.I?  Share your New Year’s Resolution and tell me what Software Testing Goals do you plan to accomplish in 2019. The best and most inspiring lists will be rewarded with £50 Amazon gift Vouchers!



Yes, it is that simple, just share your resolutions and inspire others.  Fill in the form provided in the link below and we will respond to the lucky winners.


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Hi All, I'm Nicola and I am part of the EuroSTAR team. I enjoy outdoor activities and martial arts, it's fun! I joined EuroSTAR in 2018 and am excited to meet new people every year during the conferences. Tester Friends are for life :)
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