Quotes the the Week: June 13th

Welcome to the this week’s Quotes of the Week: Security Apps tested, Apple goes Public beta with IoS 9 and new U.S. rules could tighten bug bounty hunting industry.


Car Software Avoidance System Not Up To Industry Standards

Our cars have 30 to 100 embedded electronics inside them…. But we don’t have software safety laws, and companies can cut corners and rush this technology.

Patricia Herdman, a software-testing consultant for the financial services industry explains her reasons for doubting that the systems that are currently being installed in a lot of new cars that automatically take action to  avoid collisions  are entirely tested. There have been some doubts about this software and many in the testing industry believe that they are not completely safe.

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Grid Tools Acquired by CA Technologies

CA Technologies is expanding its portfolio with the acquisition of Grid-Tools last week. Not long after announcing plans to acquire Rally Softwareto, the company today announced it has acquired Grid-Tools, who provides enterprise test data management and  automated test design. CA Technologies buy out of the company increases its ability to provide a delivery chain of DevOps technologies from Agile planning to continuous delivery to agile operations.

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Security Testing Android Apps

The independent testing labs AV-Test has just released its latest report on the state of Android security software.  The company assess security apps designed specifically for Android system under three headings; protection, usability and extras.  This report contains a mix of positive and bad news for the industry. The report found that overall the apps measured didn’t meet the scores of previous tests. However eight of the apps tested scored 100% in blocking malicious software.

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Apple Going Public Beta

Apple have announced for the first time ever that their new IoS will be going to a public beta test for IoS9. The  beta will happen next month. After the many complaints surrounding the release of IoS 8.0 and the bugs that came with it, the company have decided to have a public beta release so that any issues or changes can be made to the software quickly before its release.

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Bug in Apple Email Software Can Make Your Passwords Vulnerable

Back in January 2015 I stumbled upon a bug in iOS’s mail client, resulting in HTML tag in e-mail messages not being ignored

Security researcher  Jan Soucek reveals how he came across the bug in Apple’s IoS 8. The bug  is contained in the faulty coding in incoming emails which can potentially allow hackers to load malicious content inside an email. This could potentially give them access to users passwords.

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US Wassenaar Rules could End Bug Bounty Hunting in the U.S.

The rules are meant to curb the sale and trade of dual-use weapons, and in a computer security context, that means so-called intrusion software such as FinFisher and HackingTeam tools

The plan to introduce rules to control the sale and trade of dual-use weapons could mean that bug bounty hunters who find a security vulnerability would have to apply to have an export license to report the vulnerability in question to the company.  The rule would mean that non U.S. based researchers would have to share details with their government before the affected vendor.

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