Quotes of The Week: May 16th

Welcome to the this week’s Quotes of the Week: Real Bugs delivered by Drone, The Apple Watch bug and WordPress has vulnerabilities.


WordPress Bug Revealed by Security Reseracher

“[WordPress] took 14 months to produce the code to detect invalid characters in comments…During this time all WordPress servers using default comment settings have been quite easily ‘hackable’.”

Worried that WordPRess might take to long to fix the bug,  Jouko Pynnönen a security researcher revealed a bug in WordPress that meant hackers could easily take over control of WordPress sites. Jouko revealed the bug this week as he was frustrated with the communication from WordPress developers with regards to his reporting of bugs.  Read More Here


And now To the Bugs of the living Type

Michael Godfrey, an agricultural science student at the University of Queensland, in Australia, has developed a flying vehicle that spreads a beneficial bug, the Californicus mite.”

Ben Schiller reports on how Michael Godfrey has developed a drone device that can deliver bugs across crops in Australia. The Californicus mite is a alternative method than spraying crops and will be availabe to farmers to purchase. Read More Here.

Apple Watch has no power

The Apple forums are already teaming with people complaining about Apple Watch bugs and the Cupertino company has already stated that it was working on fixing the software issues

Charlotte Banks reports on the Apple Watch which was launched recently but has experienced some issues with different bugs. The biggest and most important bug is that the watch does not charge when connected to a charger even though it appears to be charging on screen. Apple are currently working a fix for the bug. Read More Here.


Continuous Testing: The Benefits

We did not adopt BDD style tests that can be read by non-technical people as we had bad experiences in the early days using FiTnesse to automate acceptance tests. Our developers talk directly with stakeholders not to business analysts.

Ben Linders interviews Rachel Davies (Agile Coach at Unruly) about the issues and benefits of continious testing, her role in her company and what she sees as the future of software testing. Read More Here.



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