Quotes of the Week: March 13th

Welcome to the this week’s Quotes of the Week: The top Testing tool of 2014, Apple recruits public testers, Calypso launched its own testing tool and more.


Software Testing Has Changed according to Ben Horowitz

In this world, developers need to be responsible for testing all the way through the cycle, and that requires a new set of monitoring tools

Steve Rosenbush of the Wall Street Journal writes on investor Ben Horowitz comments that software testing is continuingly changing and the reasons why he has invested in “SignalFx” a new company involved in providing testing tools. Read More here


Calypso to launch it’s own testing tool

CATT will transform the way our industry performs testing of its software solutions through automation and standardisation

Keith O’Brien, SVP of Calypso Professional Services offers the reason why Calypso are planning to launch it’s own automation testing tool and why that might benefit the market. The company who are a provider of capital markets software, announced the Calypso Automated Testing Tool (CATT). The company aims for the software to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and implementation risk. Read More here


The Top Rated Testing Tool of 2014 has been decided upon

We have compiled over 42,000 views of the top Testing Tools tools by real users in 2014 and analyzed their trends

IT Central Station, a website that allows users to compare and review tech products available in the enterprise tech community, found that based on it’s research of 42,000 user reviews that Tricentis was rated as the top functional test automation tool of 2014. The website categorised and ordered all the user reviews to come up with a final list. You can read more about the results here.


Apple recruit a new bunch of testers

Not long after releasing the latest version of iOS to developers, Apple have launched the public beta testing programme for iOS. This was recently announced by Apple after the number of compalints about iOS 8.0. Members of the public can sign up and download and test iOS 8.3 beta. To try out the latest version of iOS, you have to sign-up with Apple. Read More here.


The Viral Video of The Week

Apple has taken a lot of criticism for changing its port types, requiring users to update cables and accessories. A video has mocked Apple’s attitude to some of its products. It reports to show a Apple product Engineer  discussing how the new 2015 Macbook came about. You’ll have to watch it for yourself here.











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