Quotes of the Week: June 27th

Welcome to the this week’s Quotes of the Week:  A life-saving tool for mobile testers, the latest security threat to your laptop and more.


Apple Testing Android style Software Home Button

The software home button will feature the same Touch ID sensor that is available on the iPhone 6 and 5S.”

David Curry reports on the latest software testing happening at Apple. The company are trying out a software button for the next edition of the iPhone. One suggestion as to why the company is doing this is so that the next iPhone can have 1080p resolution. Read More here


A Time-Saving Tool For Mobile Testers

A team of US computer scientists has announced the development and successful testing of software that allows Android and Apple apps to run side-by-side on the same devices.”

Paul Cooper reports that a team of post-graduate students at the University of Columbia have developed software that lets Android owners load both Android and iOS apps onto their device and open both easily.  The software (named Cider) is not running a virtual version of apps but instead works on  the kernel of the Android operating system so that the user is running the native app. Read More here.


The Latest Security Threat to Your Laptop

The result is that a computer that holds secrets can be readily tapped with such cheap and compact items without the user even knowing he or she is being monitored

Eran Tomer, senior lecturer in computer Science Tel Aviv University explains how a team at the University have develpoed a device from components easily available on eBay that can allow you to access another laptop via the emission of radio waves from a laptop. The device that the researchers developed called a Portable Instrument for Trace Acquisition (PITA) is small enough to fit in a slice of pita bread. The idea was to build a device that fits inside a pita with the name coming after. Built for $300 it can derive encryption keys and thus access encrypted communications.  Read More here.


Samsung Releases Bug Fix for Galaxy S6

As complaints initially flooded in, Samsung’s only advice was to factory reset the device, which would restore the toggles, but not forever.”

Last week Samsung issued a fix for a very annoying bug on their Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices. For both devices, once users dragged down the screen to use the Quick Toggles, some of these including Mobile Data, Private Mode would disappear. Read More here


Bug Bounty Firm Raises $25 Million

The exciting thing for us is these angel investors have seen the platform work at their companies and they realize what kind of pivotal change it brings to the security of their products and users

Merijn Terheggen, CEO of HackerOne explains why the company has become so attractive to investors in recent weeks. The company aims to use hackers for good by helping companies setup Bug Bounty Programmes so that those security researchers that find bugs on a company’s system are rewarded justly and are not tempted to sell the data on the black market. The company already has Twitter, SnapChat and WordPress on board as customers. Read More here.


The term “quality” is not that abstract when it relates to testing. It includes certain characteristics, such as functionality, practicality, efficiency, reliability and mobility.

A long article by Aleksandr Panchenko on why software testing is needed. He takes a developers point-of-view and explores what each area of testing can bring to making new software as robust as it can be.  Read More here


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