Quotes of The Week: January 31st

Welcome to the this week’s Quotes of the Week. In this week’s software testing news America’s new jet has software testing issues, India’s software testing companies are downsizing and more.


 India’s software testing Companies are down-sizing

“The volume of work which is being done at the lowest layer of pyramid is getting automated”

C Vijayakumar, corporate vice-president for infrastructure services delivery at HCL Technologies (India’s forth largest software company) reasons why the company is downsizing. A number of India’s software testing companies are attempting to move to a hour-glass structure from their previous pyramid structure. With the rise of automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and other disruptive low-level roles with manual tasks are becoming redundant. Read More here


Worry’s About Apple’s buggy software

For the past six months or so, I’ve become increasingly concerned about the quality of Apple software.

Jean-Louis Gassée writes about his experiences with some of Apple’s software and the increasing number of issues he has had with it. Read More here.


A Linux bug can delete all users Files

Any seasoned Linux user will tell you how dangerous that command is, which is basically like deleting all the contents of your C:\ drive on Windows

A bug has recently been discovered on Linux that can delete all users files. Read the full story here.


Software Testing on a Military Jet not Going Well

“Mission “data load” software is also causing concern. This software is loaded on a mission-by-mission basis, working in conjunction with the permanent systems, to operate sensors and respond to conditions for a particular battleground”

Richard Chirgwin reports on the development of the F-35 jet for the U.S. Air Force which was encountered numerous problems including issues with software testing in the last 12 months. Read More here.

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