Quotes of The Week: 3rd – 10th October 2015

Welcome to this week’s Quotes of the Week: Software security myths, stress testing at school and bug-free software becomes a reality.


Stress Testing At School

There are certainly states who have gone down this road with online assessment who probably wish that they had done this type of proactive testing

A lot of U.S. states are moving their school tests online. The Tennessee Department of Education performed some tests how the system would cope with about 110,000 users across the state logged on across a number of hours. The system crashed but it has given the board some ideas of where to tweak the system. Read More here

Project IronFleet Takes It’s First Steps

While the researchers caution that they are still a long way from building large-scale computer programs, such as operating systems that are guaranteed to be bug-free, smaller software can be mathematically proven to not have imperfections that make it freeze up or fall vulnerable to security flaws.

Microsoft is working on building software that is software bug free. The researchers say they are a long way off large software being bug free but it looks like small programmes could be developed in the near future that are bug free. Read More here


New Stagefright Bug

One vulnerability affects Almost every Android device” since the first version of the operating system, released in 2008. The second vulnerability allows hackers to trigger the first, even in newer version of Android, such as 5.0 and above.”

The reseracher who found the bug in Android phones in July that could mean phones could be hacked with a simple text which ended up being called stagefright has found another bug that affects all Android users. The bug tricks you into visiting a website containing a malicious multimedia file, either mp3 or mp4. The bug was found in the Android media playback engine called Stagefright. Read More here


Apple Update Doesn’t Solve Problem

The issue seems primarily to affect the iPhone 6S, though owners of older iPhone models have also noticed random shutdowns after updating to the latest version of iOS 9

The iOS update that has been recently released to solve a number of problems seems to have fixes everything except iPhones shutting down. The issues with the iPhones shutting down is still happening. Read More here


Seven myths of Software Security Best Practices

The seven software security myths presented here represent common misconceptions about software security best practices.

What are the myths of software security? Gary McGraw goes through the myths and what you should do to address them. Read More here

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