Community Press Pass Winner Announced

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We have had a great number of entries to the Community Press Competition this year.Smaller Image 600x600

First off we would like to thank all those who entered. It was great to read the enthusiastic, humourous, passionate entries to the competition.

The standard of entry was extremely high. But as always we can only have one winner.



And The Winner is….






Colin Cherry 

Colin CherryColin wrote a very humourous yet insightful blog post on why his contribution as a reporter would connect with his fellow testers.  Colin wrote software for 15 years before specializing in software testing in the early 1990’s. He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia and provides consulting services through his own company. He has been writing his “iTesting” Blog for over 3 years and has a presence on Twitter as “ColintheTester”. This year will be Colin’s seventh EuroSTAR, his first being in Munich in 1998. Colin has been a EuroSTAR Presenter on 3 occasions and has also spoken at dozens of other conferences around the world. Colin is as passionate today about the quality of software as he was when he created his first software program over 30 years ago.

Colin has made the commitment to travel for the Conference. We are looking forward to having Colin and possibly his robot at the Conference this year!

You will be able to keep up with all Colin’s blog posts at the event on the TEST Huddle blog throughout the Conference.

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