Quotes of The Week: 17th- 24th October 2015

Welcome to this week’s Quotes of the Week: Microsoft expand bug bounty programme, former NSA hacker starts bug hunting tool and Malaysia needs 30,000 testers.


Microsoft Expand Bug Bounty Programme

Microsoft projects like .NET Core, having been recently been open sourced, are expanding to become the backbone for not just Microsoft’s software ecosystem, but for the company’s cross platform endeavors.

This week Microsoft announced that the company is expanding its bug bounty programme. The programme will incorporate .NET Core and ASP.NET Beta 8 and any subsequent Betas. The company also announced that the bounty payouts willl range from $550 to $15,000. Read More here


Former NSA hacker launches Bug Hunting Tool

There always need to be humans in the mix. Researchers are a really important part of the equation, and without their creativity and understanding of the environment that they’re looking at a lot of issues are missed.

Jay Kaplan, a former NSA worker has founded a security firm Synack to help customers with their security issues. The company connects its customers to a large pool of security researchers recently launched a new automated software tool that scans code and flags potential bugs that tells security reserachers where to look. Read More here


Apple More ForthComing About Its Bugs

With no less than 5 betas and the final release done within 33 days it shatters the typical 60-80 day testing period Apple usually takes.

Gordon Kelly reports on the new approach Apple is taking with its updates for bug problems. Whereas before the company tried to rush out updates and say nothing about it, this time the company has revealed where exactly the problems are. Gordon speculates if the problems could be related to it’s quick testing period. Read More here


Malaysia looking for 30,000 Software Testers

In the field of software testing, Germany is way ahead of Malaysia as the country had surpassed the 30,000 mark for certified testers in 2013.

Dr Ag Asri Ag Ibrahim Dean of Faculty of Computing and Informatics at Universiti Malaysia Sabah’s (UMS)  explains the gap between Malaysia and other countries and why the country needs to recruit 30,000 testers. Read More here


Volkwagen May Have Had Second Engine to Cheat Tests

The company is now checking whether older models with the EA 288 diesel motor built to the same emissions standard may also have the software, a spokesman said. The 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engine was introduced in 2012.

A report by CBS News suggests the Volkswagen could have a second engine with software designed to cheat emission tests. Originally it was thought that only one engine was affected. Read More here

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