Open space: No frontiers – set the agenda at EuroSTAR 2015

This year there will be Open Space at the EuroSTAR conference. This means that everybody can prepare himself for an interesting meeting with the content of the Open Space to be decided by YOU!

So what is Open Space?

Community Huddle Open SpaceI saw a nice definition of an open space: “an institutionalized coffee break” and that what it is going to be at EuroSTAR. On Thursday morning between 9.45 and 11 o’clock. There will be three sessions with different subjects. What the three subjects will be, will be proposed and decided by you!

On Tuesday and Wednesday there will be a whiteboard available in the Community Huddle. On this whiteboard you can write down the subjects you want to talk about. As well as that you can vote on the subjects you like. On Wednesday afternoon we will decide which three subjects will be discussed during the Open Space on Thursday. And of course the one who proposed the subjects will be asked to introduce the subject briefly and then the discussion can start!

The main characteristic of an Open Space (and that is why we use the term “no frontiers”) is there is no subject we can’t discuss about.


Because an open space is all about:

– What is on the mind of the people at EuroSTAR

– New perspectives

– Increased commitment and support from the participants, because they themselves take the initiative

So bring your ideas to the Open Space “no frontiers” at the EuroSTAR conference in Maastricht and we will meet on Thursday morning!


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OPen Space will take place at 09:45 Thursday morning, Open Space is open to everyone at the Conference. The timetable is YOURS to influence, the sessions are YOURS to influence.

To take part all you have to do is to think of a topic you want to discuss, find the Open Space Idea’s Whiteboard at the Community Huddle from Tuesday, write your idea on a Post-It Note and stick that note on the Whiteboard. Come along Thursday morning to chat with your fellow testers.


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Ard KramerArd is part of the Community Huddle team at the EuroSTAR Conference this year. Stay tuned with posts coming on the Community Huddle including Open Space, Test Coffee, Soapbox sessions with more events announced at the Conference. To find out what is happening in the Community Huddle see here.

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