Quality Management Office: Let’s lead software Projects by Quality

Quality is one of the most important factors for a successful software roleout. I would like to share the idea of leading projects by quality and not by so called management. The idea is to implement a QMO (Quality Management Office) in the organisation, which is handling everything with the view from quality. That means implementing synchronised processes for the different units or vendors, centralised reporting and controlling.

From my point of view it is time to take over the cockpit of the projects and manage them from quality point of view. This would reduce a lot of discussions about processes, reporting, testing and documentation.

From this cockpit the QMO Team can coordinate and manage everything from Quality perspective. To implement this it is hell of work and today most organizations don’t want to have this because it would point to the processes and units which costs lot of money with less benefit.

Furthermore, in global projects with development in one country, testing in another country and the customer in a third country it supports this by managing all parties of the project with the goal to be in time an quality.

If this cockpit would be implemented in an organisation, from my point of view within very short time all projects would have higher quality and less costs.

If this works, there is no need to reduce costs by firing people and run into poor quality in software.

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