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Be Part of the EuroSTAR Huddle?

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  • 14/07/2017
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You know and love the great community here at EuroSTAR Huddle. We try to bring software testers the best in online resources like the best webinars, eBooks and more. But did you know about the Huddle onsite at the EuroSTAR Conference?


Huddle at EuroSTARHuddle at EuroSTAR 2017

The EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference takes place in Copenhagen this year from 6th-9th November. This year it is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The Huddle has been a feature of the Conference for the past number of years. Originally established as the Community Hub in 2009 by Peter Morgan, the Huddle is now a fixed part of everyone attending the EuroSTAR Conference.

The Huddle was established to help first time delegates new to the Conference get better acquainted with EuroSTAR. It has grown since then to include talks by testers, information sessions, mentoring sessions and lots more.


What will you Find at the Huddle?

The Huddle has loads of exciting events each year. Each year you can partake in Soapbox Sessions and share your knowledge on on topic in 5 minutes. There are Couch Sessions where experts in the field will share and discuss ideas in a small group setting. Every year for the past couple of years there has been a Lean Coffee session in the Huddle on the Wednesday morning of the Conference.

And if you are new to the Conference, the 1st Timer Delegate Session is the place to find out everything about getting the best out of EuroSTAR during your three days at the Conference. There is more too. With the Book Swap, big games collection, sticker table, there is always something to do there.

Want to Be Part of It?

Volunteer Programme - Banner (750x330px)
The EuroSTAR Huddle is always on the look-out for eager, enthusiastic volunteers who can help run the Huddle at the Conference each year. There are places available for just three volunteers who can help run the Huddle. So if you are eager to get involved, want to experience a large conference, the application system is open.


It is easy to apply. Just Apply Here to be part of the Huddle experience in 2017 and you could be with us in Copenhagen



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