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    This will be the fourth year you can enjoy the Community Hub at EuroSTAR.
    (Blog about the Hub).

    A place of connection and reflection and where ‘conferring’ is the main activity.
    The hub is a place that – with a bit of help of the Esconfs team and the guidance of Peter Morgan- was set up by testers (who visit EuroSTAR) for testers (who visit EuroSTAR) to give THAT bit of extra pizzazz and to provide a relaxing but also stimulating and inspiring home-base where you can easily meet up with others. Although the ‘experienced’ attendees are regular visitors of the hub, it’s especially a good place for first-timers to meet up with others, ask questions or maybe just observe/ watch people on the conference floor.
    This year the hub will be attached to the TestLab and I’ll guess the synergy will definitely create immense energy!

    So what can you do/ find in the hub:

    • There’s a huge messageboard/drawing wall where you can draw up pictures, write down questions, write down what your favourite bug was (to inspire others), etc.
    • There are soapbox sessions (mini presentations); you can also (if there’s still place) claim a speaking slot there yourself.
    • There are tables/chairs/ beanbags to chill/relax and just have a good talk or relax a bit.
      It’s a meetup point
    • Sometimes there are spontaneous games that are played (SET, dicegame etc.) – if you have a pack of cards and a good game… just bring the cards and you’ll have crowd in no-time
    • Early birds can join pre-morning sessions (small tracks in leisurely style, bring your own bun and coffee :-))
    • Chill-out sessions
    • Session specifically for first timers
    • Meetup point during the drinks on Tuesday, where there is some guidance in topics to get conversations started
    • Last year there were stickers and coloured pens to liven-up your conference tag (ask me about…, I want to learn about…, twitterhandle etc.)

    If you have an idea that you’d like to have in/on the hub, just post in in this topic… we’ll see what we can do (or not).
    Hope to see you and meet you in the hub in a couple of weeks! It’s my favourite hang-out so I’ll probably be there a lot.

    Ronan Healy

    Looking forward to it Nathalie. I am excited to be attending the Community Hub myself this year. As one of the administrators of the TEST Huddle community, I am looking forward to meeting those that are involved in the testing community offline for the first time.

    I too will be frequenting the Community Hub during the week of the Conference so keep an eye out for me and feel free to say hello.


    Nice Ronan! I’ll see you there!
    I’ve also seen the chill-out sessions on the eurostar site! cool!

    Wed 11:00 Janet Gregory with Agile Testing Coaching Couch
    Wed 13:45 Daniel Maslyn with Tune into the Trends in Testing
    Wed 14:45 Karen Johnson with Working as an independent consultant and
    Thur 11:00 Jos van Rooyen Testing goes pro – the Butterfly Effect…


    First timer?
    Don’t miss the session in the Community Hub on Tuesday at 11:30 – 12:30 “How to get the most out of EuroSTAR 2014” EuroSTAR first-timers session by Erkki Pöyhönen, Zeger Van Hese and Peter Morgan

    Ronan Healy

    Lots of STICKERS in the Community Hub. They are proving to be very popular.


    The community hub now also has soapbox sessions scheduled! Just caught the end of one!
    Lovely touch and really adds to the whole experience of the conference!

    Also loving the stickers! I have heard lots of people comment on them in a positive way!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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