On This Day: March 6th

The court battle between Apple and Microsoft and HP rages on and Google Street View is banned by the U.S. military. All on today’s On This Day from TEST Huddle.


1991 – Apple Vs Microsoft & Hewlett-Packard

The Federal District Court Judge (Vaughn R. Walker) who is presiding in the Apple and Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard case, denies Hewlett-Packard’s request to declare Apple’s copyrights invalid and rejects Microsoft’s argument that portions of Windows are covered by the 1985 license from Apple. The Judge states that while Apple’s borrowed ideas from Xerox and others for the Macintosh it does not violate the 1985 license agreement between the companies. However, the judge agrees to Microsoft’s request to consider the copyright issue feature-by-feature, rather than on the basis of overall look and feel.  By June 1993, all parties involved will agree that a jury trial would be pointless given the narrowness of the issue at hand.


2008 – U.S. Defence Forces Ban Google Street View

In the U.S., the Pentagon issues orders to all U.S. Defense Department bases and installations throughout the U.S. banning Google teams from making detailed street-level video maps of U.S. military bases. This follows an incident in which street view images of the Fort Sam Houston army base in Texas were posted to Google Maps. Google responds to the statement with a statement of it’s own explaining that the images were a mistake and that it does not permit its employees taking images of military installations.

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