Featured Members: Nandagopal Rajagopal, Maud Schlich and John Scarborough

Last time we got to know: Aitor AgirreAdam Hepner and Erkki Pöyhönen.


This weeks Featured Members on TEST Huddle are:


Nandagopal Rajagopal

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Nandagopal hails from India.  He works for RM Education Solutions India working as a test lead and has an interest in the area of mobile apps. Nandagopal might be interested in the conversation that is active on TEST Huddle now about API’s.



Maud Schlich
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Maud is a software tester based in Germany working as test consultant for herself. She has been active in the community before taking part in the A New Model for Testing discussion.



John Scarborough

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John works for Aditi Technologies and is interested in the area of test automation. John also tells a nice story about his background. He worked for Microsoft for a number of years before leaving to join a startup called Disha Technologies which eventually became a company with 450 employees and was bought out twice. He joined ADiti recently in 2012 and has been working as Director of Test there ever since.


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