On This Day: March 11th

Atari’s First Arcade Game with a Steering Wheel and The World’s fastest Computer launches. All on today’s On This Day from TEST Huddle.


1975 – Atari’s First Horizontal Arcade GameAtari HiWay

Atari bring out their first arcade game to feature a cockpit. “Hi Way” is a single player horizontal-scrolling racing game.  The game is launched with the marketing slogan “Hi Way — All It Needs Is Wheels,”. Being the first arcade game to feature a steering wheel, the game proves to be very popular.









2002 – The Earth Simulator launchesEarth Simulator


The Earth Simulator Center (ESC) opens after almost a year and a half of construction. Based in Kanagawa, Japan, the Earth Simulator is the fastest supercomputer in the world and is capable of performing 35.86 trillion floating-point calculations per second. The system was developed byJAERI, JAMSTEC, and NASDA by NEC to run global climate simulations to predict the impact of global warming. It will remain the world’s fastest computer until 2004.




Images: sciencewilleatart/ Wikipedia

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