On This Day – July 19th

The launch of the Apple G4 Cube, the first Windows CE attack and Amazon outdoes itself.  All on today’s On This Day from TestHuddle.


2000 – Apple introduces the G4 Cube


Retailing at a price of either US$1799 or US$2299, on JUly 19th 2000 Apple introduced the PowerMac G4 Cube. The new mackintosh sold in two versions which included features such as  a 450 MHz or  500 MHz PowerPC G4 processor with Velocity Engine, 64MB RAM, a 20GB hard drive, a DVD drive, two FireWire ports, two USB ports, a 10/100Base-T Ethernet card, and a 56 kbps v.90 modem.

The unit was quite different in appearance than most personal computers. The unit was enclosed in an eight inch transparent case. The idea was that this eliminated the need for a cooling fan. The new mac also only takes up about a quarter of the space of most other personal computers. The G4  was also the first personal computer to sell with standard dual processors.



2004 – Windows CE attacked


The first Windows CE virus known as the WinCE4.Duts.A virus (sometimes known as Dust) emerges. When an infected file is executed, the user is asked for permission to infect. When granted the permission, Dust infected all exe in the current folder.





2010 – Amazon Outdoes Itself


Amazon announces that it is now selling more Kindle books that hardback books. The company stated in the previous three months for every  100 hardcover books it sold, it sold 143 Kindle books.



If you would like to add anything to these events, feel free to comment below.

Images: Apple-History.com/Wikipedia/f-sequre.com

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