Quotes of the Week – July 19th

Welcome to our weekly round-up of our picks of the quotes of the week. This includes our favourite comments, articles and quotes from the world of testing and beyond.

$10,000 for Testing


With the fast evolution of mobile technology, the number of mobile devices grows exponentially. When mobile connects both car and the vehicle cloud via mobile apps, the car becomes the new threat target.” – SyScan Website

The Asian based SyScan conference on security took place this week. The conference organisers this week offered $10,000 to anyone who could hack the Tesla Motors Model S onboard Linux-based operating system. The system allows owners to check battery charge and lock and unlock the car using their mobile devices. The Model S also connects to the Internet through mobile phones. Read more about it here


Killings Bugs at Source

“Now that we have shown that these classifiers can be built, researchers can leverage them to develop novel programming support tools, allowing them to potentially intervene in time to stop bugs from entering the code”

Microsoft are looking at developing a system to improve the quality of their software. An academic paper recently released  by Microsoft Research in collaboration with University of Zurich researchers looked at how to spot stressed developers by attaching sensors to participants heads while writing code. The sensors monitored brain activity, tracked eye movement, and tested how sweaty the software engineers were.

The theory behind the study was if the sensors could tell when the developers were stressed and they were writing code, this was the time that they were more likely to write bad code.  Read more on the study here



The Facebook Backlash

“What strikes me is that even for many who have already quit your site, Facebook remains a very personal matter. People struggles to decide whether they should quit, because there are many personal connections at stake. “

After his original letter got over half a million views on LinkedIn, former Facebook worker Chris Chan offers further opinion of his fears that Facebook is sharing too much data and has a user experience that, in his opnion has alot to be desired. . Read the full letter here


Spotify Wants to Make you Think


Following on from the revelation two weeks ago that Facebook might have been trying to alter your mood, Neil Studd stumbled across some very abstract messages on the Spotify platform.



Here’s How Easy It Could Be for Hackers to Control Your Hotel Room

Jesus Molina, who was staying at the St. Regis Shenzhen hotel, found a way he could easily take control of the thermostats, lights, TVs and window blinds in all of the hotel’s 250-plus rooms, as well as alter the electronic “Do Not Disturb” lights outside each door—all from the comfort of his luxurious bed. Read more here.

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