Quotes of the Week – July 4th


Facebook May Have Manipulated Your Emotions

I’m still thinking about it and I’m a little creeped out too.                                                                                                                                  Susan Fiske, professor of psychology at Princeton University

The results of a study recently published have found that Facebook deliberately manipulated the emotions of  almost 700,000 English speaking users to establish if emotional content was contagious. The study involved manipulating timelines of users to have either a happy or sad emotional slant and then following the users activity after. Users exposed to more negative posts tended to respond more while those being exposed to large emotional content tended to post less. Some are concerned that consent wasn’t explicitly given.  Read More here


A Map of Hacking


Richard Bishop (@richardbishop) points to a great article about the origins, targets and type of cyberattacks that are  currently occurring in the world.

LinkedIn Newest Member

“I got my big break in 1959 to inspire girls to dream big. Since then I’ve had 150+ careers, but my true calling remains – encourage generations of girls to place no limitations on their ambitions” – Barbie

Barbie joined LinkedIn this week. As its newest member Barbie is hoping others will follow ‘Entrepreneur Barbie’ for business inspiration. Read more about it here


True Detective

Test analyst and creator of Gourmet Gaming, Daniella Zelli muses on the meaning of being a tester? Do you feel like you are Kojac?


Testing Twitter’s World Cup

As you may have noticed Twitter has introduced flags for teams playing at the World Cup. Stephen Blower (@badbud65) decided to apply his testing experience to, well test it out.


Live Testing

“I kind of likened the process of fixing these issues as doing open heart surgery on a train that’s running at 100 mph,”  – Tal Weiss

Tal Weiss compares the process of adding new tools to a web based platform while avoiding breaking the service for its 10 million users. He has developed a new software called Takipi that helps developers quickly discover and analyze bugs in software that’s running on live servers. Read more here

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