On This Day: December 23rd

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The first blog is published and the End of the VHS format. All on today’s On This Day from TEST Huddle.


1997 – The First Blog John Barger

On this day in 1997, Jorn Barger writes  on his own website; Robot Wisdom that he “decided to start my own web page, logging the best stuff I find as I surf on a daily basis.” This will be later cited by The Oxford English Dictionary amongst others as the root of the term “weblog,” with Barger being  considered the world’s first blogger. Barger had launched his website in February 1995 to post resources on James Joyce, internet culture, and technology trends. On December 17th, he began updating his site daily.







2008 – The End of the VHSVHS_tape_original

On this day in 2008, in the U.S., the last major supplier of pre-recorded VHS tapes Distribution Video Audio, Inc. based in Palm Harbor, Florida ships its final truckload before discontinuing VHS sales.  The company made about $20 million per year selling tons of tapes but now the business has vanished.  The company has decided that leftover stock will either be given or thrown away. The event is considered the death of the VHS format.





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