On This Day: December 22nd

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The first film to feature a laser is released and SELinux is released.All on today’s On This Day from TEST Huddle.


1964 – The First Laser to Appear On Screen Scene from Goldfinger

In the United States, United Artists releases the spy thriller Goldfinger. The film is the third in the James Bond series. Directed by Guy Hamilton and starring Sean Connery as James Bond, the plot follows 007 as he trails Auric Goldfinger. The film features a scene where Bond is strapped  to a metal table and is about to be cut in half by a laser, the first film in cinema history to feature a laser.







2000 – Security-Enhanced LinuxSElinux

Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) version 1.0 is released. The system was primarily developed by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) and is a set of modifications to the Linux kernel which provides a strong but flexible mandatory access control (MAC) architecture similar to the one used by the United States Department of Defense. The system  is releases to the open source community for further development.





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