On This Day – August 12th

Echo 1 launches,so too does Internet Explorer 3.0 and a AirPort Express hack appears online. All on today’s On This Day from TestHuddle.


1960 – Hello Echo 1Echo-1

Echo 1, the world’s first communication satellite is launched. The satellite was a passive balloon satellite, with microwave transmissions passively bouncing off it to a point on Earth. The satellite was followed up four years later by the launch of a larger and more stable Echo 2. The satellite remained in orbit until 1968, four years longer than it was expected to survive for.



1996 – Internet Explorer 3.oInternet_Explorer_3_on_Windows_95

On this day in 1996, Microsoft releases Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 for Windows 95. To commemorate the launch Microsoft offer $400 in “Free Goodies” for those who download the new version. This included the Wall Street Journal Interactive, MTV, InvestorsEdge, and others.





2004 – AirPort Express HackedApple_airport_express

Jon Lech Johansen, who developed DVD encryption-cracking software, releases a software key that helps to unlock the encryption Apple uses for its AirPort Express. THe AirPort Express is a  is a Wi-Fi base station product which also allows users to stream songs from their iTunes playlist.




If you would like to add anything to these events, or know of other significant technology events that happened on this day in history, feel free to comment below.


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