What should be the name of next version of Android (N) ?

Android version names have always been in the name of some sweets/desserts. If you take a look on all android versions you can see lots of desserts all around.

Just have a look:

Android Versions


Source: Wikipedia

Traditionally it was google team which was involved in giving appropriate names to these android versions. However first time ever, google has provided an opportunity and asked users to suggest and submit a  name for its upcoming android release,”Android “N”.

For android lovers, google has designed a special page in which you can suggest the name for upcoming android version. What you need to do is just:

  • Open this(https://www.android.com/versions/name-n/) page in your browser
  • Provide the name of your favorite thing(most probably dessert/sweet) starting from N
  • Click on Submit

Android Name N









Woohoo…you are done…Now it is up to Google Android Team to decide which tasty idea they really loved 🙂

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