Lay The Foundation For An Easy Dynamics AX and 365 Integration

For most of us, who thought that Dynamics AX is going to be different than the Dynamics CRM were amazed, when Microsoft announced that their Dynamics finance and operations (Dynamics AX) would be an active part of Dynamics 365. As we know, Dynamics 365 contains a plenty of apps and solutions for the company. It is no longer limited to be used only by the CRM teams, in fact, it contains a plenty of apps and tools for other departments of a company as well. And, lately, Microsoft even added Dynamics AX, as Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations in Dynamics 365 as well. Thus, now, it is pretty evident that Dynamics 365 is definitely a most ‘complete’ platform to be used by any firm.

With this new addition, the synchronization between the administration/finances solution with customer relations management became possible. Now, the users can easily leverage the link between Dynamics CRM, Dynamics app for marketing, Dynamics app for sales and other apps and solutions of Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Dynamics (Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations). The combination of all the important resources in one platform is a great way to boost connectivity between different teams of the firm. Also, with this collaboration, it became a lot easier to record and save the important data, and pass it on to other departments without any loss.



Benefits of integrating Dynamics AX into Dynamics 365

If you want your business to run efficiently, then, in that case, you would definitely need your back-end, finance and operations to coordinate flawlessly with all the other significant business systems like the CRM tools, marketing app, retail solution etc. The main intent of Microsoft of introducing Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations for Dynamics 365 is to make the sync between the different departments of a firm easy. Thus, it is recommended to integrate Dynamics AX (now, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations) with Dynamics 365 to make sure that most of the business functions can be handled on a single, connected platform. This eventually increases the productivity and efficiency of the business. And, in many ways, it also leads to cost-effectiveness.



Here’s how you can lay the foundation of a flawless Microsoft Dynamics AX and 365 integration:

  • You need a detailed plan

First of all, you would be required to prepare a detailed plan containing your key requirements and how this integration can benefit you. Also, make sure you right down the proper ways of integration, as this will help you to follow the right process. But, most importantly, it is important to segregate your plan into phases. This will give you a good direction to integrate Dynamics AX (Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations) properly with Dynamics 365 development integration. Also, a plan will allow you to identify the resources or tools that you may need, also, you would be able to identify the need of the experts for the integration. All this will help you to successfully integrate Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

  • Choose the right people and right resources for integration

At times, integration might be tough. As, it may involve migration of data as well. Therefore, it is utmost important to successfully integrate Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations with Dynamics 365. There are a plenty of vendors that also offer assistance for integrating Microsoft Dynamics. At the same time, a lot of information is also available online, which will help you to integrate Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations easily. It is just that you should follow the best techniques to make sure that the integration is less time consuming and efficient as well.

Integration of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations into Dynamics 365 isn’t tough. It is just that you have to follow the right tools and techniques.

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