How Blueprism is Changing the Landscape of Healthcare

Automation has changed our lifestyle making it highly sophisticated with its intelligence. Thanks to automation, it is improving our living standards providing more pleasurable workplaces. Automation is not only used for making our lifestyle more comfortable also to complete work with flexible options enhancing better business processes. The impact of automation on the society will allow us to achieve the impossible things made possible,  On the other side machine learning has become a necessary source in the community and is estimated to have $7.5 billion markets by the end of 2022.

Automation is influencing every step of our business from basic operations to marketing, payroll and recruitment process, maintains records, trade, and calculations etc.  

In Manual processing, the productivity is limited with more chances of error occurrences. With RPA, the rate of error occurrences can be reduced at a greater extent allowing people to cut their tedious tasks. The most widely used RPA tools are listed as follows:

Blue Prism


Automation Anywhere


In this article, we are going to discuss blue prism and its impact on the healthcare Industry.

“Automation will bring the change in the lives of many people and that may be painful and enduring.”


RPA Blue Prism

Blue Prism is a UK based software company in the field of Robotic Process Automation providing software robots, which are replacing humans for performing the tasks same. This software allows agile based business operations in a cost-effective manner using automation. With its “Digital Workforce” and rule-based tools allows drag and drop feature to automate each step of our business operations.

What Blue Prism Do’s

RPA Blue prism can run on any platform including Windows, Windows Presentation Foundation, Mainframes and Java. It accesses the applications as a human does without any code or techniques in the specified timeframe.

Blue Prism Technology is perfectly suited for performing rules-based tasks, and robots are well trained like humans for doing the job. We can see the robot appearance and their intervention in several scenarios in our day-to-day life. Once they are trained completely, they are capable of performing the task assigned on their own without human intervention at any step till the process completion.


Blue Prism in Healthcare Domain

The Robotic Process Automation(RPA) has a massive potential to expand in the healthcare. In healthcare, The Primary use case of RPA is “Revenue Cycle Management”. As we know every programme has code changes, billing code changes, ICD-9 code changes, code definitional changes, etc. Robots equipped with an ability to perform repetitive tasks with utmost accuracy compared to human beings.

With the help of  RPA Blue Prism Technology in the healthcare domain, we can increase the efficiency of distinct factors including:

Operational efficiency,

Reducing labour cost

Clinical support process

System integration on a large scale.


By integrating the Blue Prism with healthcare, we can complete core hospital processes very quickly. Speed and accuracy are the essential elements in the healthcare sector. Using the blue prism, we can achieve this and can provide quick delivery of patient records, faster insurance claims and many more.


In 2012 Enovation was the very first company to use Blue Prism in the clinical process, system processing, system integration and HR functions. Most of the organisations using this technology for their front, middle and back office operations very effectively. RPA plays a significant role in improving every aspect of health care.


Blue prism in Back Office use cases:

RPA Blue Prism technology was implemented in back-office operations of healthcare with several rules and regulations by humans when it is first implemented with additional costs to supply chain and finance management. It enables to efficiently run the onboarding process improve the accuracy and efficiency by the clinical staff that can begin their work without any delays in system access and facilities.


Blue prism in Middle Office use cases:

In the middle office, The Blue prism is associated with revenue cycle management(RCM). The RCM spectrum consists of twenty different activities from the scheduling of a patient to reconciliation and claim submission. With the automation, we can accelerate the revenue cycle processing by automating the process of claim resubmission. Claim posting and verification process and also RPA Blue prism technology is used in coding updates, insurance data management, charge capture, etc.


Blue prism in Front Office use cases:

The care delivery setting or front office is a still an on-demand area with high potential for RPA Blue Prism Applications. It integrates the care management system, increases the case management process with the aim of satisfying the clinicians by spending more time on patients caring.

Contributing to the healthcare industry is very critical. The disruption in the healthcare segment has been happening to turn the conventional treatment process into the modern one meeting the ever-changing demands of the society. This is the primary reason why it is very essential to make investments in technologies like RPA.


Blue prism in  Patient Management system:

Patient Management System (PMS) refers to a no.of efficient automatic systems to track the segments such as diagnosis, description, assigned doctors. In addition to this, it helps in encountering the organisations including clinic, hospitals to track patient information. Before blue prism technology PMS is done manually, making a time-consuming process and delay in delivering death reports. With Blue Prism, we can develop in-patient and outpatient databases more effectively, also reducing the work and can save time.



Disruption is happening continuously in each industry and Adopting the change would take the organisation to the next level. Blue Prism is expanding its wings in the several areas of Healthcare by Improving the Quality of Patient Management System. With the implementation, we can eliminate the tedious work to the employees and providing them with leisure hours to utilise it in other core areas where Human intervention is mandatory.


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