How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Way We Write

Artificial intelligence is beginning to gradually enter every aspect of our daily lives. It’s changing the technology landscape, for better or for the worse, and it’s going to be around for the long haul. Writing is also affected; it’s producing impressive stories using data, proofreading, or even publishing. In light of that, we’ll take a closer review of the way artificial intelligence is altering the way we write.


It was the case that translating a document from one to another requires extensive knowledge of the various languages that are involved. There was Google by introducing Google Translate, which was simply an online dictionary that translated every word in a sentence literally, and sometimes caused a variety of hilarious and confusing phrases. However, once Google was able to introduce its AI system, it was able to make translations beneficial, particularly in technical documents that are not very detailed.

While you’re not able yet to translate a whole book, but not with significant editing, you can translate blog posts, essays, or customized research documents with enough precision to get the data you require from them. At present, professionals are protected, but who knows what may be happening five years in the future? Publishers would be delighted by such a scenario.

Editing and proofreading

Though premium word-processing software like Microsoft Word is able to detect spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, they’re still not as good as human editors. Grammarly employs AI to identify redundant words or passive voice as well as unclear sentences. While it’s not yet able to substitute humans, it’s an important step toward a positive direction. One thing is for sure; self-publishing authors can save on the cost of editing; however, it could have negative consequences for editors who are professional.


Apart from that, everyone who uses digital communications could benefit from the latest AI proofreading, regardless of whether they’re creating an email or creating their next blog article. As a college student, I could speed up my essay and not have to be concerned about spelling or grammar.

Plagiarism Checking

Plagiarism was once a major issue across the web. However, thanks to technology, Google and other search engines have improved at identifying plagiarized content and penalized websites that post it. There is lots of plagiarism within the academic world, not only among students but also among researchers. While it is possible to discover duplicate content by using Google Search in a matter of seconds, if the text has been completely altered, the text may be difficult to identify the original source.

AI plagiarism software will be able to identify plagiarism, not just the text and other texts but also the ones that are reworked. While this sounds great in theory, it could be detrimental to authors who write under a pseudonym and attempt to build a new career. It would also affect each authentic professional writing service that exists and every anonymous participant on social media and forums.


Writing News Articles

If you’re thinking about whether AI is able to create content by itself, then the answer is yes. But, it’s taking time before it can get to the same level as human writers. There are a few examples of writing that were created using AI. In theory, this could be something that all blogs and newspapers would embrace with open arms as they could create content instantly and remain on top of the current news. Additionally, custom essay writings could be developed by utilizing data from various sources.

This could result in journalists having to be fired or, at the very least, the ones who are covering breaking news. In addition, the content generated by AI, even though it is large in size, could be of lower quality as compared to the articles and articles written by content spinners and farms. Finding relevant content online will become more difficult. Yet it is quite easy on

Audio Search

Today audio and video clips are less expensive than ever before to create. However, the text remains as important as ever. Not just because it’s cheaper, however, it’s also more search engine-friendly and also because it is able to be easily scanned to find the essential piece of information. When you use audio or video, you must watch or listen to the entire video to figure out the information you require. In the case of transcription, anyone who’s completed it before can tell you it’s a lengthy and tiring process.

With AI, however, audio search is now an option. Take a look at the various digital assistants like Siri or Alexa and their acclaim. In addition, there are applications, like Castbox.FM advertises itself as an Audio search engine. In terms of writers, audio search is a possibility to simplify their job. It can also assist writers with dictation, in addition to every dissertation writing service which is trying to improve their productivity.

Book Purchase

One of the most appealing aspects of Amazon is the ideas it offers that are based on books you’ve already bought from the site. This is accomplished by using AI algorithms that are becoming more sophisticated. From a user’s point of perspective, this is extremely efficient, as they’ll be constantly introduced to books they might enjoy. It also helps bring lesser-known writers to the forefront without the need to put huge amounts of money into marketing or promotion.

However, it could mean the end of small book shops that are independent or your local library because all of us will be relying on their online recommendations and purchasing books from their home.


As you can observe, AI is going to change the entire process of writing. Although we’ve discussed a few possible scenarios, it is yet to be observed how this will develop in the future. It’s our responsibility to take advantage of this like we normally do.

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