Get The Testing Knowledge!

For over 25 years EuroSTAR and recently, the EuroSTAR Huddle has been bringing testers across the world the best in software testing content.

We want to celebrate that fact with a compendium of the best of Huddle content. We have gathered the best eBooks, webinars and blog posts to give you a collection that you can use in your role in testing right now!

No matter what area you are interested in, we have something for everyone. So if you are a Test Manager, you want to improve your skills like programming or communication. You might want to be more adapt at Agile or even learn more on Test Automation. You will find something here to fit what you are looking for.

This is the Testing Knowledge.

Testing Skills

From learning to code to social skills to communication skills. You will all the skills you need here.

Testing Skills Bundle


Test Automation

How to get Automated Testing done, How to use Selenium 3.0 and more.

Test Automation Bundle

Test Management

Lean Test Management, Developing a Test Strategy, Business Analysis and more

Test Management Bundle


The role of the Tester in Agile process, Agile Test Management and more.

Agile Bundle