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EuroSTAR Testing Skills Bundle

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This is a collection of EuroSTAR’s finest software testing content in relation to skills for software testing.

There is a huge debate on what skills you need for software testing. Opinions are changing constantly. Are technical skills more important? Are social skills more important? Hopefully this bundle of resources will help you decide what skills you need.




Thinking Through Your Role

James Bach & Jon BachJames and Jon Bach

In this webinar, James and Jon Bach share some heuristics so that you can more clearly assess and negotiate your own role on a technical team.

Key Takeaways:

  • A diagramming method that helps discuss roles
  • A one page analysis heuristic for roles
  • Why roles matter on projects


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Programming for Testers

Graham Thomas & Phill Islesgraham and phil

In this webinar, Graham and Phill show you how easy it actually is, as a tester, to learn how to programme. They start with 3 simple steps and show you how to get up and running with Python.


Key Takeaways:

    1. A deeper insight into the Testers need to learn to code debate
    2. Your first steps into programming
    3. Experience, examples and references to help you continue your Programming Adventure

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Survival Techniques for Testers

Derk-Jan de Grood & Jan Jap CannegieterDerk-Jan and Jan Jaap


Derk-Jan and Jan Jap explain how we can survive as a tester and what skills and knowledge we need to develop.

Key Takeaways:

  • Become aware of the need to continuously develop yourself
  • What specialisms should I adapt to become a better tester
  • Insights in how to brand your knowledge and let the world know about your specialism


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7 Quick Ideas To Improve Your Testing

Gojko Adzic, David Evans & Tom Roden7 quick ideas to improve testing

The book  is part of the series of ‘50 Quick Ideas‘ publications which will help you test your software better, easier and faster.


Key Takeaways:

  • Generating test ideas which are particularly useful for exploratory testing activities.
  • Defining good checks that can be easily automated.
  • Improving the reliability of testing systems to make test automation code easier to manage.
  • Decoupling coverage from purpose for more focused and faster automation.


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Java for Testers

Alan RichardsonJava for Testers eBook_Page_01

By learning the basics of Java presented in this book, you ultimately will learn how to read and understand existing code bases, and write simple checks using JUnit quickly.

Key Takeaways:

  •  Learn the Basics of Java Revealed
  •  Learn how to install the Necessary Software
  •  Write Your First Java Code and work with Classes

java for testers ebook


Programming For Testers

Graham Thomas & Phill IslesProgramming for Testers ebook

The main stumbling block to the tester actually learning to code is usually getting started. This eBook provides a practical guide on how to get started with programming.

Key Takeaways:

  •  Why you should learn how to code
  •  How to learn
  •  Exercises to complete

programming for testers ebook




Skills for Blog Posts

What Soft Skills Does A Test Engineer Need?

Alexsandar Ristic aleksandar ristic

Having technical skills will certainly help you land the job you want, but if you want to be really good at what you’re doing, you’ll need some extra help, that is where soft skills come to play. What are the soft skills for software testing?

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Collaboration is a Wanted Skill for Testers

Derk-Jan de Groodderk-jan-de-grood collaboration in testing

Testers who know how to collaborate and promote cooperation within their team have a real advantage. Find out why.

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Getting the Test Environment Strategy Right

Jayanthi KodandaJayanthi Kodanda test environment

Often test environments are loosely managed resulting in utilisation conflicts and schedule delays. What tactics or approaches can we use to help team members understand the importance of a well maintained Test environment?

Test environment


Test Coverage: How Mind Maps can Help

Prashant Hegde Prashant Hedge

Mind maps can be used in all the test stages from test planning to test case execution. Here Prashant shares how to make the most of mindmaps in testing.

Test coverage




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