Friday Funny: How I Feel When My Code Works

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I think the caption below describes How I Feel When My Code Works. It can be hard to write code and get it right. Sometimes you have to hope against hope that it will work.

Sometimes you are praying that it will come out good.

So when it does work it is a great feeling.

Is this you? 😉
how i feel when my code works

Do you know of any other pictures/gifs that demonstrate the joy of code working? 🙂

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3 Responses to “Friday Funny: How I Feel When My Code Works”

  1. i somehow read the topic for this as ” i feel funny when my code works” 😀

    as My code writing is more like puzzle compiling – it becomes rather amusing that it actually does what i wanted it to do 🙂

    When running debugger mode to see if it really works and calculates what i was meaning to check:

    When it compiles and runs with the 1st attempt (happens almost never so) it goes like this

    When the test i wrote starts to work and i notice how much time it took:

    the roughest one – when i did write my tests on Friday – but by Monday the app has changed so much that my code is no longer capable to run on it (also happens rarely)

  2. Well, I was working the other day on a project which was not necessary related to testing (I was doing a personal project in AngularJS), and I realized I was spending way to much time on debugging (which for me at that time meant, run the code as is, and try to fix bugs, cause there will be bugs). This approach was making me sick, to be honest, so I thought this can’t be the right way. It was when I was drinking my hot chocolate, when it struck me. I had figured it out. Instead of trying to figure out where the problem(s) is/are, I started over again, and this time I wouldn’t run the code, until I was absolutely sure that it will work. It wasn’t easy to stick to that idea, and there were times where I just couldn’t resist. But I had made my mind. To my surprise, it worked! (Hell, yeah). In fact, I got so excited, that I had to make a meme and spread out the moral of that story:
    From then on I followed this mindset, and now a days, not only do I find myself writing better code, but I also feel like reading and understanding others code gets easier day by day.

    That minions picture reminded me of myself, when I wrote my first few lines of code of Java. Realizing that I could make the computer do stuff by writing code and seeing my program in action felt deeply satisfying (and it still does).

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