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    Hello all!

    We are in the process of creating a testing tool with a very different approach to all else there is (or at least all else we know of).

    The basic idea is that automated testing is basically not testing at all, but regression checking (following the testing vs. checking train of thought). And going one step further, regression checking is version control in disguise. I.e. it is about controlling changes to the dynamic properties of the software (the look and behavior). Because existing version control systems can’t do that directly, automated tests simply pin those dynamic properties down and transform them to a static artifact (e.g. a test script), which again can be governed by current version control systems.

    So our test tool captures all dynamic properties and later compares them to the next version of the software. This approach has been called Golden Master testing. But we now add the capabilities to ignore individual changes permanently (like in any decent version control system) or let the user apply the changes easily.

    We have a prototype that works for Java Swing applications, but are currently planning to create one for web also. We’d love to get some feedback on it. Please find it on

    Looking forward to any feedback you have!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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