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    Test Plans are usually documents of things to do and the circumstances around it. I have done my share of strictly formatted documents; where moving chapters where disrespectful. I have done less formal documents, and even some using mind maps. Sometimes I consider if a Business Model Canvas would be a great template for test plans… asking:

    1) Who are your customers – to whom do you create value – who pays for your testing
    2) What do we deliver – what business problems are we solving
    3) What are our ways of communicating with our customers
    4) What are the relationships – perhaps a RACI here?
    5) How to capture value is perhaps a bit more tricky.. but if test activities gives information, what form and what value does the pieces have.
    6) Key resources: tools, processes and staffing
    7) Key activities – what are you going to do
    8) Who can help you provide information, what are your oracles, or perhaps your scrum master?
    9) What does it cost – what drives the cost of your testing?

    what did I miss? Or is something of the above not needed it setting the scene for testing?

    business canvas

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