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    What your opinion on working from home? Have you thought about it. Do you know anyone that does it?

    Devanathan Ram

    Ideally, work from home is a facility that few companies provide to their employees for Business Continuity Purpose on some risky situations like roadblocks, network unavailability, power shutdown, fire accidents etc.,, Additionally weather plays a major role to take up this option in western regions. Availing this on a personal reason should be restricted as much as possible.

    Well, it purely depends on what model you work on and how good your management is. A typical management would obviously think that you are having a good time working at home and not concentrating on work. Many instances I have witnessed the management keep on contacting the resource working from home through Office Communicator, Email and Phone asking for the status of the tasks assigned. They would question even if your communicator status is away for 30-60 mins, Here, the main point of working from home is shattered and you are brought to a much frustrated situation where you can neither concentrate on work nor keep answering to the questions. This happens especially when you work on a very dependent Agile (small scrum) teams,

    If you work in a team that has no or very minimal dependency on you, then its a good option to work from home, so that you know what to work and how to complete it on time without any dependencies.

    As said earlier, it is an option provided for Business Continuity purposes on certain unavoidable situations.


    I have recently been working from home several days a week for family reasons. It’s not something I’d choose to do if I didn’t need to at the moment. I miss the company of colleagues, miss the availability of equipment and miss the ease of support when an error/inconsistency is spotted. My managers have been very supportive in making it possible for me to be at home however when I need to be.


    Working form home is very common to the Danish IT worker. Presenteeism is not us. (link). Where I currently work, I can work a lot from home – and do. I have been at places where that would be frowned upon. So it’s a cultural thing. Companies like UNITY have globally distributed teams all working from home across the globe. The tools are in place with skype, screen sharing, web cams etc.

    A key purpose is not Business Continuity, but better work-life balance.




    Hi Emma,

    I think it is much related to the model you work on and the company’s culture. If your work is not (very) connected to other’s work, than you can easily do it from home. If you are working on a very dependent team, it might be hard to do your tasks alone.

    A negative side might be the access to the internal systems like servers or databases which can be accessed only inside the company; sometimes you need to investigate or solve issues by accessing them. There could be also better equipment available in the office; working from home you will most probably use a laptop. Another important thing is the support from your colleagues, when needed. Of course, you can communicate via phone or any internet based communication tools but there could be situations where you cannot do it alone and a colleague must help you directly by installing something on your machine, writing some code etc.

    One of the positive sides is definitely related to weather conditions; when extreme weather conditions are faced (e.g. snow, storm etc.) and you cannot go to the office, than working from home is a very good option. During winters, you can avoid getting flu from a sick colleague by working from home. This is also very important and useful for the company because it prevents affecting company’s activity. Other cases might be related to family situations when you must stay at home. The working place is also a positive aspect; at home it might be much quiet while compared to an open space office, so you concentrate yourself better without being disturbed or interrupted.



    This article is good too: – on TestHuddle 🙂


    Hi there. For me, the main advantage of working from home is independence. And the main disadvantage is the lack of colleagues with whom it is more fun to work.


    Working from home has become increasingly common, especially in the past couple of years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While there are certainly benefits to working remotely, there are also some drawbacks to consider. Here are some of the positives and negatives of working from home: Positives: Flexibility: Working from home can offer greater flexibility in terms of setting your own schedule and working hours, which can be particularly beneficial for those with caregiving responsibilities or other commitments. Comfort and Convenience: You can work in a more comfortable and relaxed environment and avoid the stress of commuting. You can also enjoy more time with your family, pets, or hobbies during breaks. Increased productivity: With fewer distractions and interruptions, many people find that they can be more productive when working from home. Cost savings: Without the need to commute, buy work clothes, or eat out, you can save money on expenses associated with working in an office. Negatives: Social Isolation: Working from home can be lonely and isolating, especially if you live alone. Lack of interaction with colleagues and co-workers can impact your mental and emotional health. Distractions: Working from home can also provide a variety of distractions that can affect your focus and productivity such as family members, household chores, pets, etc. Technology issues: Technical difficulties such as unstable internet connection, computer issues, or software incompatibility can hinder your work and productivity. Work-life balance: Working from home can blur the lines between work and personal life, making it harder to switch off from work and prioritize self-care activities. In conclusion, working from home offers several benefits, but it’s also essential to recognize and manage the potential drawbacks. Establishing a consistent routine, setting boundaries, taking breaks, and staying connected with colleagues and loved ones can help you get the most out of working from home.

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    Working from home offers flexibility and productivity benefits. Many consider it, especially given recent trends. Do you know anyone in a venture funding group exploring remote work options?


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