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    Hi there –

    I recently sat & passed the ISTQB Foundation exam and am keen to take the Agile Tester extension. I’ve studied the syllabus and figure I’ve plenty of experience on this topic. I’ve no need to take a class but don’t see the exam listed as an option on the Prometric website. Anyone taken this exam already in Ireland ?

    Thanks for your help,



    Hi Ronan,

    You should probably take a look at the SQS website:


    or this other provider:



    I put the word out on Twitter and I came back with this:

    May or may not be of help:



    Cool – thanks for the replies guys ! This isn’t proving straight forward :/ All of the suggestions above are expensive classes ! What I’m looking for is a centre that provides the test online. I sent a query to the ISTQB who passed me on to the Irish Software Testing Board. I sent those guys a mail on Monday but got no reply. No holding my breath. Not sure what the deal with this certificate is, perhaps you have to attend an expensive class to secure. In that case, I’m out.

    Will keep digging and let you guys know what I find 🙂



    Quick update here – I got back to the ISTQB who continue to redirect me to the Irish Software Testing Board. Seems the Irish Software Testing Board can’t be reached as their [email protected] mail address is invalid :/

    Has anyone had dealings with the ISTB of late ? Are they really the professional body representing the Software Testing Profession in Ireland ?



    Hi Guys
    Fran O’Hara here – currently acting chair for ISTB – going thru some personnel changes in ISTB hence the delay in response – here is a response to Ronan sent a while back by Gerry from the ISTB which should clarify things…

    Hi Ronan,

    Thank you for your email below which has been forwarded to me. I am the former Director of Examinations with the Irish Software Testing Board and indeed one of the authors of the ISTQB Agile Tester syllabus.

    The agile tester certification scheme was officially launched a couple of months ago. During that time National testing boards have been evaluating the new certification scheme from two perspectives, firstly from the viewpoint of accrediting training providers to provide training around the scheme, and secondly from that of writing an examination paper.

    At present the Irish Board and, I understand, other national boards are undergoing the same process. When we have completed this process we will announce it. Prometric, I believe, use the UK testing board’s examination paper. The fact that the exam is not yet available through Prometric indicates that the UK testing board have not completed their preparatory work for the certification.

    Thank you for your interest in ISTB and the Agile Tester certification.
    I hope this answers your query.



    Dr Gerry Coleman

    Director Irish Software Testing Board


    Thanks Fran – Gerry’s reply was very helpful ! Looking forward to this exam coming online in the near future 🙂



    Thanks for the reply @Fran. Now all you have to do is start the studying @Ronan !!

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