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    This might seem like a silly question but I am really curious. Is there a develop process that doesn’t suit Agile? Depending on the product, a lot of companies carry out testing in the same way but have you ever being part of a team that started on Agile and it didn’t really work?


    This isn’t silly at all Daragh!

    The Software Development/Software Testing industry covers a huge amount of technological ground. It provides Development and QA for programs that hold sway over the Medical Industry. The Space Industry. The Defense Industry. The Travel Industry. The Gaming Industry. The Internet and Mobile Phone Apps.

    Building and testing software that controls everything from the new F35 Joint Strike Fighter to the new Airbus A380. It tests banking software. Guidance systems in the Soyuz rocket. Signal lights for the rail industry. The controller software in domestic appliances. All these numerous industries all have a different agenda. Differing company politics. Different budgets and different time constraints.

    Some companies try to implement an Agile environment but don’t really know what it is.

    Some companies believe it will work for them but are hampered by so much bureaucracy and red tape that they have to abandon it altogether.

    Some projects are desperately under-funded and are about as Agile in their development ethos as an Elephant on a circus high-wire.

    Then their are the niche development houses that have Agile nailed like super adaptive, cross-functional Jedi!!

    The industry is extremely varied.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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