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    Ronan Healy

    The most popular video on the EuroSTAR youtube channel is this video on the skills a software tester should have.

    I thought it would make a great conversation. I’m sure that are many diverse opinions out there depending on what area of testing you are involved in, how you test but I’m sure that are some over-lapping thoughts.

    Communication seems to be a very popular one.


    communication is very important and having worked with a variety of people I would add a critical and creative mind. And not being afraid to be wrong.

    You need to be quite strong willed to be able to get your point across sometimes and are not allowed to be scared to sound stupid. Everyone’s opinion is valuable and more often than not you will find that you are the one thinking outside of the box. 🙂

    Sorry I rambled a bit!


    I would like to think that being ferociously open minded helps a lot…. for me it did…

    //claudiu D.


    Recently read an article that talks about creativity as a skill that software testers should have. Found it interesting.

    You can read it here.


    As I stated at Eurostar 2008: Imagination is more important than knowledge.

    So I’d say imagination is most important.
    Imagination is not the same as creativity. Imagination is seeing impossible, unreal, never thought of before ideas. Creativity is about exploring and combining existing ideas to create new ones. Creativity is very much grounded in reality.
    Typically we use creativity to solve known problems, with imagination we find new ones!


    I think curiosity and the willpower to learn new things is very important skill a tester should have.


    For me, I think Analytical skills and ability to think like a user (s) can really up the game as QA Tester.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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