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    Was discussing with some people at work today how before mobile phones when meeting another person at a venue, you would just say a time and be there without knowing if the other person would turn up.

    It made me think about getting my first mobile phone.


    It was a Siemens S10. It was heavy. You could not use text as the network did not allow it and you had to carry it in a pouch as it was too big to fit in your pocket.

    So what was your first mobile phone? Do you still have it?

    How did you find it?


    NOKIA 3310  nintchdbpict000305168568


    Mine was a silver Nokia 6030 that I got in 2005. I used it for almost 4 years and it is still in good working condition.


    I started in 1995ish with the classic Ericsson brick phone incl. SMS/TXT as the DK network allowed. Moved thorugh a range of ericsson phones up. I’m sure I have had most of these:

    Moved to some of the Sony Ericsson Walkman phones, and then to an iPhone. For long I kept an old one for camping and festivals, but the sim cards doesn’t match so I have cleared the stash


    Nokia 3120





    Nokia 1110, oh those were the days!


    Nokia 1100


    Motorola RAZR V3


    Nokia 2010


    My first phone was Nokia 3310. I was very happy when I bought it and it served me for a long time.


    nokia 3310


    My first phone is a silver Motorola clamshell, I do not remember the name of the phone, but it was black and white, the most interesting thing about this phone was a tower game, pleasant memories)

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