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    Out of curiosity, do you have a preferred platform and/ or resources that you use to learn automation testing? 🙂 


    Automated checks (what is called “testing automation”) is vast area, one just can’t rely on any single resource or limited selection of them. I strongly advise to look for anything that helps instead of looking for selection of favorites.

    First, you need to learn algorithmic thinking, decomposing task in steps. That is almost general knowledge.
    Then you need to write those steps, and here you go into wilderness.

    • Unit tests: you definitely need to know programming language to write them (I had to learn a bit about Junit with Java,  XCUItests with Objective-C for iOS and a bit about unit tests with Python for my Python helper projects).
    • Coded tests: again, programming language and coding, maybe also some pattern-paradigms or frameworks (Python and Sikuli visual search / image recognition framework for my custom “monkey testing” implementation ; Selenim + Locators + Selenide for custom framework created in one company) .
    • Keyword-driven framework: you need to learn what libraries and code words available, how to work with them (like Robot Framework and Selenium 2 library for it, and some Python again on “a better level”).
    • Performance testing, done by special kind of scripts. Here goes a course from Udemy.
    • Custom framework: whatever it could be — coding, custom keywords, anything.

    With wilderness before you, you want to use anything that helps … and anything you can get for free or what your company is willing to pay for:  any website, any book, any tutorial, any examples from official help pages. There are a lot of free courses and resources, but why stick to one site? I take something here something there.

    • I took a some free courses on Coursera on HTML, CSS, Java, but this does not mean me or anyone should stick to it. The courses “upgraded” their status to paid, today I’d probably looked for some different.
    • I’ve read different books on Python
    • I googled out examples for Selenium (with both Python and Java) and Robot framework.
    • I think in 2012 there were no resources for Sikuli visual recognition / search framework other than its own documentation. Robot Framework also has quite good documentation for their libraries.
    • As I said, a course on Udemy for Jmeter

    Beware: any course, tutorial, article, post, example, book may be not good enough for you. My approach since school was “Stack of books” heuristic. You take stack of books on subject / problem (like mathematical problems). You open first and look if it applies to your problem, if it is written clear enough for you, if it maybe contains solved problems like yours. If it does not, you put that book away and take next from the stack. For more or less standard problems it should be somewhere. That worked for my mathematical problems in school, and it works for my IT / programming learning tasks.

    One more warning: automation pays off if done with skill, but it is not a playground, it is wilderness. You may be in need to solve problems and issues from the start, on installation / setup stage. So you better be prepared to go beyond any courses and tutorials, go, google and solve problems yourself.

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