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    How do you decide how much time to dedicate to automation versus manual testing in regression testing?

    I expect an “it depends…” answer 😉 but would be interested to hear specific examples of approaches to regression testing. Especially interested to know in scenarios where releases are frequent and time is scarce.


    Hi Paul

    It depends, Ok we go with simple maths & now Imagine
    1 Module you want to automate regression testing
    10 Total test cases are written
    7 Test case you able to automate
    3 Test case manual testing due to application complexity or tool not support.

    To run 10 test case you need manual 4 hours
    Now you add 7 automate regression testing
    Now total time reduced to 45 min for all 10 test cases ( including 3 manual test case )

    Releases depend on your development methodology/framework.
    If you are using CI then you can calculate or plan how frequently we are running these test and how much time we can save.

    Golden suggestion:: Get insights
    Make a excel sheet / google sheet make some data analysis with your on going testing project with ( Total testcase, No of manual, No of automated, Release frequency, regression frequency, time spent ) you get your answer yourself.


    My assumption is that by regression test, you mean go back and re-perform the same exact test suite as before. If this is true, I suggest let machine do this job. Your testers should spend time on exploring new features and finding problems

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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