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    Based on your own experience or if you were to make a guess, what would you say is the most popular language for software testers?

    Is it based on company or your own preference for what language you use?


    I would guess Java. My guess is based on the my friends’ testimonials
    My personal preference is Ruby. Is the easiest language to learn, build with and debug which I had my hands on

    Would be nice to hear some other opinions 🙂


    At work, we use C#, Python and C.
    We used Java, Perl and Ruby occasionally.

    Side note: In this year’s EuroSTAR conference, we have a few programming presentations and tutorials. If we get more replies on the popular languages we can try to include examples from them, as many of the speakers have knowledge in a variety of languages!


    I use C#, powershell, python, batch and vba


    I don’t know about the most popular but I use selenium web driver with C# for web pages and Postman for OData API.


    So it looks like C# is the most popular going my the responses here. Funny as you mentioned @andrei-domuta I thought too that Java would be the most popular but the more I read different testing blogs, the more I see Ruby being mentioned.


    I was having a look over the Stack Overflow Dev survey and trying to find a link between the dev preferences for the programming language and the testing preference.

    And BTW, do you think the testers should use the same language as the dev team? one positive outcome would be the know-how sharing + code review

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