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    What has been the most odd, weird, crazy, out-of-place thing you have tested?

    Obviously what is odd to one person is bread and butter to the other person.

    I have tested a CD-rom that was sent out to all houses in the country (2, mio) – with known bugs in it too. .. Currently I do not test software as such, but the moving from one data center to another.

    Ronan Healy

    This could go on for a while….

    There is so much software (and hardware) that needs testing today. I’m just thinking of IoT that I’m sure our members have some strange experiences?


    Software for a gynecologists office… That was sooo weird. Especially with the prod like environment/equipment!


    Recently tested software / hardware for – virtual mirror as a selfie machine – In front of big screen, you take picture.


    The wife’s patience


    I once had an assignment at a company that produces dialysis machines. For a week I tested the Blood Pressure Monitor module.

    On myself.

    In the end I had to move to putting it on my legs, since my arms were so sore.


    I have spent two days making myself Selfies.
    I’ve been testing new module for US Embassy application. The purpose of this module was to give instructions on how should visa photography be taken. With this module, it was possible to take a proper photography alone, Selfie-style. There had to be some tweaks implemented before the tool became convenient to use, and so, I had to spend all my time for two days, making myself selfies.

    Personally Im not the Selfie type, and before that day, I only took one – and it wasn’t typical selfie, but a photo which captured the whole crew of our boat, made by me as I were the highest guy in the crew. So the second selfie I took, was done for money.

    You never know what awaits you in the next day of testing.


    Interesting that a number of the entries involves healthcare. I’m currently testing the ability to record surgeries. The actual video file is then associated with the medical record number and the scheduling of the surgery. Of course, we don’t have a true testing environment, so this needs to occur between surgeries in the actual surgery rooms. At least we can use test patients. 🙂


    The strange thing I tested and found a bug in was a 4 ton snowcat (bulldozer for the zone) which had micro processor/sw. The fun thing I tested was a sub system on the space shuttle.

    Disa Kakko

    Underwater surveillance system.


    I can’t really tell about the weirdest application I ever tested without revealing the customer, who might well be embarrassed by what I had to say.

    But lacking that, the weirdest (i.e., strangest and rarest) thing I ever tested was a 20K system in which we could never find any errors. Not during testing, nor when it became widely used. Now that’s weird!

    Of course, I’m testing myself all the time, and over the years, I’ve been called “weird” many times.

    Gerald M. Weinberg


    Probably the expiry life of sewage pipes, worked with a lot of modeling experts looking at when sewage and water pipes would burst and the expected impacts.


    The complex application that i have tested in the media industry


    On board real time systems for buses. Field and systems test involved riding around a small town in south of Sweden on a bus with my very own driver. It’s very cool testing to do.


    The tilting/ sliding moment of coffeecups in the highspeed train

    Emergency medical teams for obstetrics (giving birth)


    Pornographic imagery on paymentcards.


    It’s bread and butter to us, but we test offender monitoring tags, and regularly ask testers to wear them for a week or more. I’m looking forward to testing the alcohol monitoring software!


    I have never had to test anything out of the ordinary myself. But its a pretty interesting question. Anyone has any new experiences that they would like to add to the list?


    The wife’s patience


    OK that was funny 😀

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