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    Hi there ,

    I am about to release a free open source software tool for functional web application testing at http://automateyourtests.com .

    I would like to I simply like to ask whether you think it’s any good !?

    I must admit I originally only come from a software development background and my testing skills are only self-taught. So any feedback from someone with a professional testing background would be especially valuable to me.

    Anything counts: First impressions, constructive criticism, missing features, any other software projects I should learn from …

    Thanks so much for your help,


    Ronan Healy

    Interesting work @dandammann I have not a chance to look it yet but I am sure that there are a few in the community who would be keen to give it a try.


    Thanks Ronan.

    Anyone who is reading this: You should be able to execute your own custom proof-of-concept test suite in only 10 minutes flat. That’s how little learning curve this tool has!

    Anyone out there who likes to try summit new!?

    I promise you won’t regret it. Who knows, it might even become useful to you in your daily testing life 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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